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Frequently Asked Questions:

What safeguards do you have to ensure your Teak is sustainably and legally sourced?

All our Teak furniture that we import is FLEGT certified managed plantation Teak from Indonesia, the largest exporter of Teak in the world.  In Indonesia, they have developed a ground breaking timber legality assurance system called SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) and SVLK verification is required by Indonesian law for all wood product exporters from Indonesia. As part of this programme all exporters of plantation Teak from Indonesia require a FLEGT certificate which is issued only to exporters of legal timber from Indonesia to the EU.  If you are interested in learning more about the SVLK or the FLEGT certification please see these links :

What about your Suar Tree Wood? Where does it come from and is it sustainable?

Our Suar Tree (Albizia Saman species) wood in our tables and benches is sourced from Indonesia and is also certified in the same way as our Teak.  The Suar Tree is a large tropical rain tree that can grow up to heights of 25m. Characterized by its large umbrella canopy, the tree naturally creates an insulated, cool climate underneath its thick, leafy branches. Due to its crisscrossed interlocking grains, Suar wood is resistant to cracking from wood movement and is highly sought-after for its robustness. Moderately heavy but extremely strong, Suar wood is both beautiful and strong and so proflific in Indonesia it has a conservation status of G5 – Globally, the Albizia Saman is widespread, abundant and is in no danger of extinction.

Does your Teak Furniture come pre-treated?

Yes, our Teak Furniture does come pre-treated, this will last a few weeks and then if you wish to maintain the honey colour of the wood a treatment will need to be applied.

Should I treat my Teak Furniture?

Yes. By treating your teak furniture, it will help to maintain the natural colours in the wood as Hardwoods naturally weather.  However, the Teak will fade to a silvery grey if left untreated which will do no harm to the wood.

How often does Teak need to be treated?

If you are treating it with Teak Sealer it will need to be sealed once a year.

What is the best treatment to use on Teak?

You should use a Teak Oil or our Woodsealant which helps to treat and protect the furniture. This will also help the Teak maintain the lovely honey colour all year round. The Teak needs to be clean when you apply the sealer.

How is your Teak Furniture assembled?

We use traditional construction techniques to assemble our Teak. We use dowelled mortise and tenon joints to connect all the parts with dowels made of teak and where necessary use good quality brass fittings.

If the furniture comes pre-assembled is the delivery charge the same as it not being pre-assembled?


What is the difference between the ‘Windsor’ and ‘Bletchley’ Bench?

The benches are different styles but they are both as durable as each other.  

Do you offer Saturday Delivery?

Yes, if it is required, excess charges apply. Get in touch with us regarding pricing information on 0118 942 2248.

Can your Parasols close down whilst in a table?

Only our Wooden Parasols close down whilst in a table. Our Commercial Parasols do not close down whilst in a table.

Can I have an engraving on a Bench?

Yes. Every bench is able to be engraved but some have limitations to where the engraving can be and the amount of characters you can have. You can also decide on the font you would the text to be in.  We mock-up every engraving for customer approval prior to the engraving. Please contact us for more information. 

Can I have an engraved plaque on my Bench?

You can have an engraved plaque on every bench EXCEPT our Bath Banana Bench Seat. This is due to the back rail and the front seat bar being curved.

I'm having trouble assembling my product! Can you help?

Please call us on 0118 942 2248 and we will be able to offer you instructions on how to assemble your product. Applies Mon-Fri 9-5pm and Saturday 10-3pm. Or email us at [email protected]

I have ordered some larger items - will there be anyone to help me unload it?

We offer free kerbside delivery by pallet for our larger furniture both indoor and outdoor.  We recommend you have someone to help you on the delivery date which will be booked in directly with you via the courier company.  If you require a 2 person delivery service this is charged at **£145.00  (**price may vary according to location) and we can arrange this for you, please call us on 0118 942 2248.