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Bench Assembly

  • Unwrap all components and lay one side piece on the floor.
  • Insert the back rail, seat rail and front bar pieces vertically.
  • All of the components will have a labelled joint that matches a labelled joint on the leg end piece. For instance, A1 should meet A1 on the other component etc. You can then place the other side piece on to the top of this.
  • If the joints are slightly tight, use a rubber hammer or normal hammer with a piece of card or wood block to protect the surface, and knock the joints fully into place. Once this is done and you have a fully assembled bench, you can knock the dowels into the joints. Check the depth prior to this using a nail or equivalent as some dowels may need trimming prior to full inserting them.


Henley 1.9m Rectangular Pedestal Garden Table Assembly

  •  Assemble the two leg pieces and central spreader bar, markings will indicate correct configuration. (A1 to A1 etc). 
  • Lay table top upside down on level ground with protection underneath. Insert assembly from step 1 into this aligning with the markings.
  • Ensure all joints are fully inserted, use rubber hammer to complete.
  • Insert all bolts, 4 short bolts at the top of the legs, the 4 longer bolts to connect the central spreader to the leg sections.

Zennor 1.8m-2.4M Rectangular Extending Garden Table Assembly


  • Start by placing the table top upside down.
  • First step is to assemble the leg pieces. There will be markings to indicate matching joints(A1 to A1 etc) so that it is assembled correctly and the bolt holes align. Start by placing one leg piece on the floor with the mortice holes facing up. Next insert the ‘H’ shaped spreader bar, aligning the markings. This can then be bolted in position with the longer bolts from the pack. Finally place the other leg end piece on top and bolt. If joints are tight, please use a hammer and some padding to knock into place and align the holes.
  • Once the leg structure is complete, place this into the upside down table top, again aligning any markings on the legs and top. Tap into joints fully with a hammer and bolt with the shorter bolts from the pack.
  • The table can then be turned over to complete.